Are you sick and tired of snoring?

Over fifty percent of all North Americans currently snore at night.  As our population ages those numbers continue to increase.

Snoring can become a serious health risk to you and your partner if left untreated.

The Risks of Snoring

Snoring is not just an annoyance.  Snoring is a serious condition that poses a significant risk of adversely affecting the quality of your life.

Numerous research studies have shown that snoring increases the blood pressure levels of the person snoring and the person sleeping beside the snorer, similar to the increase in blood pressure caused by a loud noise such as a loud airplane passing overhead.  This has a negative effect on health and can lead to other more serious health problems.

Snoring also reduces the quality of sleep for both the snorer and their partner, increasing the chances of sleep deprivation, tiredness and even vehicular accidents.

Snoring Relief Options

Basically, you have three main options for relieving snoring:

Anti-Snoring Jaw SupporterThe best anti-snoring device on the market today is the My Snoring Solution jaw supporter.

My Snoring Solution is an anti-snoring jaw supporter device that gently and comfortably holds the lower jaw in an upward position, increasing the three dimensional space in the airway which reduced the air velocity and soft tissue vibration.  This can eliminate or substantially reduce snoring.

Invented by Stephen Matthews, a long time snorer who almost died 5 years ago from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).  Stephen’s restless nights led him to the invention of the My Snoring Solution jaw supporter device.  The device proved to be very effective for him and over the last 5 years he’s developed the device into the most comfortable and effective jaw supporter device on the market today.

The My Snoring Solution jaw support device was featured a TV Medical Show and a clinical trial for the device was conducted at the Provena St. Mary Hospital in the United States.  During the clinical study patients reported a substantial reduction in snoring as well as the number of sleep apnea episodes.  Some patients had lower blood-pressure readings in the morning, and most experienced an increase in oxygen saturation levels.

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Anti Snoring Pillow

Another popular anti-snoring device is the anti-snoring pillow.  Anti-snoring pillows are not a new invention, but advances in pillow materials (such as memory foam) has made today’s anti-snoring pillows much more comfortable and effective than those made in the past.

Although not clinically tested to be as effective as the My Snoring Solution jaw support device, one anti-snoring pillow called the SnoreEzzz Snore Reduction Pillow has been proven effective to reduce or eliminate snoring by aligning the head and spine in both side and back sleepers.

Anti-snoring pillows may be a more practical device for those suffering from mild snoring problems, and who would prefer a pillow instead of a jaw supporter device.

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Mouth Guard

Mouth guard devices are another anti-snoring device that has been around for quite some time.  Although somewhat effective, these devices suffer from a few drawbacks not associated with jaw supporters and anti-snoring pillows.

First of all, mouth guard devices require precise molding in order to be effective.  An improperly molded mouth guard is not only ineffective, but also extremely uncomfortable to try to fall asleep with.  Although new devices on the market make the process of molding a mouth-guard something you can do at home, the finicky nature of these devices makes them not as popular as the previously mentioned solutions.

Secondly, because snoring mouth guard devices go directly into your mouth, you have to be very careful to keep these devices clean and properly sterilized, otherwise they become breeding places for potentially harmful bacteria.

Thirdly, mouth guards were originally designed for athletes as a device to protect the jaw from trauma, and not as an anti-snoring device, so they are probably much more effective for their original purpose than for preventing snoring.

Stop Snoring Now!

Stop Snoring NowIf you’re ready to stop snoring today, we recommend the My Snoring Solution jaw supporter device.

This device is not available in stores.  Although other anti-snoring devices sold in specialty stores can cost hundreds of dollars, My Snoring Solutions is sold directly by the manufacturer, which allows them to sell the device for a low price of only $69.97 plus shipping.

The device offers a full 90 Day Money Back Guarantee so there is virtually no risk on your part to try the device today.

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